2023 TV year in review

here’s a quick review of some of the tv shows from this year:

best of the year

  • the bear

    just incredible. the first season was amazing, stressful yet so rewarding, and this second season takes all of those characters, and lets them breathe. and grow. or not grow. it’s masterful how much they make you care for these characters only two seasons in. so good.

  • scavengers reign

    you remember that amazing HBO show about people trying to survive a planet that is mycellum-infested and everything is maybe trying to kill them? NO, NOT the last of us, it’s actually scavengers reign. ths show is beautiful and psychedelic with sparse moebius-esque art, quiet, creepy, and had the highest per-minute ratio of both “WTF” and “i have no idea what is going to happen next.” go watch it.

also great

  • succession - delicious, let the rich eat themselves! alas, it’s only fiction.
  • barry - man, that show got weird at the end yet stayed great.
  • blue eye samurai - honestly when i saw this show i thought it was going to be mid, but it’s pretty incredible. blood, gore, sex, revenge, all super-stylish, what’s not to love?
  • drops of god - based on the manga, sneakily starts out as just a wine-tasting competition, but then sprawls out into family histories, devious plots, betrayals, and is so much fun!
  • extraordinary - hands down the best tv show about super-powered people this year! (sorry harley quinn, i love you but you went a little off the rails)
  • loki season 2 - at this point you’re either in or out on marvel already. i found it a delightful wrap-up for what became maybe my favorite MCU character.

also good

  • the gold - a british show about am 80’s gold heist, that almost turns into the wire as they chase down all the efforts to sell the unexpected huge haul of pure gold.
  • mrs. davis - definitely fun and pretty out there. also, i saw betty gilpin at the las vegas meow wolf gift shop in november.
  • poker face - it’s really comforting watching natasha lyonne colombo her way around the country solving crimes. or just being natasha lyonne.

also also good

  • i’m a virgo - boots riley is so weird and that’s also also good
  • scott pilgrim takes off - you think it’s going to be a straight adaptation of the comics, but…

the only reality shows i watch but i ALWAYS WATCH THEM

  • project runway season 20: all stars
  • top chef: world all-stars

did not finish:

  • beef - all the critics have it on their top lists so maybe i’ll go back, but i find watching characters who can’t help self-destructing exhausting.
  • the curse - i don’t know why i keep thinking watching anything by the safdie brothers is going to be fun and not really unpleasantly uncomfortable. of course, i got lured in by emma stone, duh
  • special ops: lioness - i made it through a few episodes, but could not get past the whole conceit/world view that all muslims are terrorists, muslim women are all trapped in patriarchy, politicans are all useless idiots, and the only ones who gets things done are rogue soldiers willing to defy the rules FOR FREEDOM

still haven’t gotten around to it, don’t at me:

  • slow horses
  • reservation dogs
  • full circle
  • murder at the end of the world
  • adventure time: fionna and cake - i still have to finish adventure time first